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Po’h Cham (Cham Village)
CRC Affordable Housing Project

Access to housing one can afford sets the foundation for success. With the rapid growth of Seattle and the increase in population throughout the City, the rising costs of homes are displacing many individuals, families, businesses and communities from areas they have called home for many decades.


The Cham community are among those facing displacement pressures with many families forced to move from the neighborhoods they grew up into more affordable areas outside of Seattle. Making their access to community services and programs more difficult and less frequent. While many businesses have closed after being a staple in neighborhood retail areas for decades. Their presence was vital in providing the community with their retail needs that were culturally appropriate and unavailable elsewhere.


Our vision with this housing project is a mixed-use building offering affordable housing to protect this vulnerable community from being displaced and near highly dependent public transit. It’ll be a place where services and programs are culturally focused. A place open to all who are open to being a part of this unique and underserved community. A place where elders can enjoy their “Golden Years” and not feel isolated because of language and cultural barriers. While also providing affordable commercial and office space for the community.


This project is in the planning stages of development.


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