Our Social Services Team


The CRC Social Services Team assists low-income, limited English speaking clients to meet all social services needs, including: system navigation; referral services; family support services including youth programs and senior services; and cultural services such as language classes and community events. Annually, the organization sees more than 1600 individuals and families in Seattle and South King County, who utilizes our facility and services.


To contact our Social Services Team: admin@chamrefugeescommunity.org   


  • Hien Kieu - Sr. Program Manager/Lead

  • Sarya Sos - Program Manager

  • Maramy Mohamathno - Community Marketing/Outreach Specialist

  • Abdolhamid Abdorohman 

  • Radhiyya Roun 

  • Abubakar Dhubow 

5945 39th Ave S Seattle, WA 98118
Office Hours: M-F, 9AM-5PM


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