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CCC Project


CRC from its inception in 1982 have provided critical support and services to the Chams and other underserved communities in the Rainier Valley area of Seattle, WA. With limited financial resources and communal effort, the first property was purchased in 1991.

This was the starting block in creating a space for the community to gather, celebrate and support one another. It was also the foundation which helped the community envision and cement the importance and need of a community center and “village”. Over the next 30 years, the community continued to pool together their limited financial resources to acquire the neighboring properties as they became available.

Finally in 2014, the community acquired the 5th adjacent property. Now having site control of 1.14 acres, detailed planning for the future community center began.


The Community Center project is a 12,000+ sq ft, multi-use facility where families, youth, elders and the community will gather and receive culturally and linguistically relevant programs and vital services. The community has grown and continues to grow so this bigger facility is needed in order to effectively address the increasing needs of this thriving community.

This Center will serve as a community-based hub where newly arrived immigrants, refugees, low-income families, are connected to services like housing, job placement, transportation, English classes, and family and youth support programs. This holistic approach is critical for their success because navigating these systems is challenging and may cause families and individuals to lose out on vital services.

This will also help ensure the community remain resilient and continue to prosper in the face of disasters, climate change and displacement pressures.   

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Project Update (as of 3/18/2022)

Predevelopment studies of the site were completed in 2017. Building design and preliminary site plan for storm water management, and landscape design were completed afterwards, and official permitting began in 2020.

Alhamdulillah on March 21, 2022, the official approval of the Land Use permit was issued. With the successful completion of the 1st phase of the project and Land-Use approval, the project is moving on to the 2nd phase which includes the detailed designing of the Center and building permit approval.

The design team has been selected from experienced engineering consulting firms in their respective field of profession. They will work closely with the project manager to ensure timelines and milestones are met and challenges resolved.

Project Timeline

December 2022

Finalize detailed site plan and building design and building permit submittal

January 2023

Retain a construction advisor

February 2023

Building permit application submitted

March 2023

Selection of general contractor

May 2023

Demolition permit submittal

August 2023

Demolition permit approval

September 2023

Obtain building permit approval & construction ground-breaking

November 2025

Construction completed

December 2025

Final Inspection and Ribbon-cutting, God-willing

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