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Mission Statement


Cham Refugees Community of Seattle is a nonprofit organization that provides Islamic educational,  social and culturally relevant services to Cham and other ethnic minorities in South Seattle and South King County. 

CRC promotes the sustainable growth of the Chams and other underserved communities with a holistic approach to help them thrive by providing services, support and programs that are linguistically and culturally appropriate.




Cham Refugees Community first opened its doors to serve the ethnic Cham population from Vietnam and Cambodia more than 30 years ago. 


Today, it is a non-profit agency serving the local Muslim refugee and immigrant communities in Seattle and the surrounding areas by providing family and community-focused services. The organization continues to serve ethnic Cham populations, and newly arrived refugees from East Africa, Iraq and Burma (Rohingya). 


Tomorrow, we look towards building a future modern community center to continue serving the communities of South Seattle.

Our vision is to create a “village” nestled east of I-5 in Rainier Valley for the Cham Diaspora and other underserved refugee, immigrant and communities of color that will serve as an anchor in the face of gentrification and displacement. A "village" that accommodates and celebrates the rich heritage, cultural values and needs of this warm and vibrant community.


The cornerstone of this vision is the community center which will serve as the hub for our many services and programs. It will also be a learning facility where classes in ESL, and computer literacy are held. While also being a venue for workshops and seminars on cultural identity, spiritual health, and well-being.   


Another major component of this “village” is the construction of a mixed-use building to address the affordable housing and commercial space needs of the community. These two areas are crucial to protect members of this vulnerable community from displacement and keep them near highly dependent public transit. This also puts development in the hands of the community and provides access to opportunities for creating generational wealth.

Rounding out this “village” is a healthcare clinic that provides culturally sensitive health care services to the community and a facility for early childhood development. 


Through this vision of “village”, all services will be within walkable distance and easily accessible. 

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